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Fishers Racial Equity Community Network, an organization founded by a group of HSE parents as well as the district’s former chief equity and inclusion officer Erica Buchanan-Rivera, issued a statement on Tuesday saying the network was disheartened that the administration "seems to discourage HSE teachers and employees from discussing or supporting Black Lives Matter in the classroom." "The Black Lives Matter movement is not an extremist political group, as many white residents asserted in recent complaints to the school board and administration," the statement read. "The BLM movement isn’t about politics; it’s about humanity." Subscribers: Get our Study Hall newsletter and keep up with news about local schools The network wrote that the Black Lives Matter movement is "not about choosing political parties, but presents a teachable moment in history for all to learn how social justice movements enter the democratic process in order to help the United States form a more perfect union." RECN added that the message was upholding white supremacy "in its attempt to mischaracterize an important social justice movement" and is "an example of systemic racism." Buchanan-Rivera left HSE in the fall, and the district hired Nataki Pettigrew as the new equity officer in January.  Pettigrew was not mentioned in Bourff's letter to faculty. HSE parent Amber Welch started a Change.org petition called“Black Lives Matter is NOT political."  As of 1 p.m. Tuesday, the petition had close to 600 signatures. Welch, who has two kids in the district, said she started the petition as a way to allow people to collectively speak as one voice. She said she views Bourff’s choice to write this letter as a slap in the face, especially during Black History Month. "That he is essentially pushing a political agenda," Welch told IndyStar, "while telling teachers not to is hypocritical." Per data from the Indiana Department of Education as of October 2020, 70.2% of HSE's nearly 22,000 students are white, 8% are Asian, 7.8% are Black, 7.8% are Hispanic and 5.9% are multiracial. Over the summer, Indianapolis Public Schools — the state’s largest school district — adopted a “Black Lives Matter” resolution and racial equity policy. The board of IPS, where 80% of the students it serves identify as Black, Hispanic, multiracial or an ethnicity other than white, unanimously adopted the resolution affirming that Black lives matter and named the ways in which the district has failed its Black and brown students in the past, “including privileging the prejudice of white parents over the well-being of Black students.” Superintendent Aleesia Johnson, the first Black woman to lead IPS, has been outspoken on issues of racial equity and in her support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Creating and adopting what she calls a “racial equity mindset” was one Johnson’s top priorities when interviewing to lead the district.  The resolution included several guiding principles: Black lives matter – Every student is capable of success, deserving of respect and valuable to our community. All students – of every race – benefit from Black teachers and Black leaders. Understanding the ugly truth of our past is necessary to building a beautiful vision of our future. IPS declined to comment further about its approach to Black Lives Matter in the classroom. In his letter, Bourff said his intent in writing to faculty was “to prevent one more stressful issue from distracting you from your daily mission.” He wrote there is room for teaching political movements, even citing the American Revolution as one. And he acknowledged there is disagreement about if Black Lives Matter is a social or politcal issue.  “It is clear that many have moved it to the political arena and contend that teachers should not be promoting it," he said. He posed the question: “Where is the line between teaching about a political movement and promoting that political movement?” Bourff wrote that educators should not advance political causes but can teach the origins of a political cause to “explore social concepts and events that brought it to the political arena. To teach students the implications of a current political cause is to examine with them how social concepts or issues framed or have helped to frame it.” Read More: John Mellencamp supported BLM during FarmAid performance. Some viewers weren't happy.


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